MicroTech Services offers our community a free drop-off location for their old technology. Computers, monitors, printers, calculators, etc will be broken down and dropped off at a local recycling center where they will be securely destroyed. Some devices will have a reclying charge as the ELECTRONICS (E-SCRAP) We take mostContinue Reading

What does Managed Service Provider (MSP) mean? Today’s advanced threats are too sophisticated and move too fast for traditional security to keep up. Fortunately, with MicroTech Services Managed Solutions, there is a smarter way. Now you can have enterprise-class protection for your home or small business. Using proven name brandContinue Reading

MicroTech Services Announces Service Pre-Check to speed up service appointments. Speed up your service drop-offs by completing service paperwork before arriving. Your paper work will be ready by the time you arrive. Page 1 First Complete Contact Information including Name; Address; Phone and EMail address. “Makes sense so far!!” PageContinue Reading

Welcome! You may begin a check-in to get started with a new request, or check the status of an existing request. Start a New Service Ticket We just need a couple things to get started: * First name * Last name * Phone * Mobile * Email Address City StateContinue Reading

Washtenaw County Broadband Task Force is working on a “Back to School WiFi” project. This project would bring Free WiFi coverage to township hall parking lots in Washtenaw county. The county will be providing funding and recommendations for equipment and installation including an outdoor WiFi Access Point and hotspot routerContinue Reading